Information and prices on vaccinations offered at CTTM

Vaccine prices may vary in future. Due to the weakening of the Kenyan Shilling, the cost of purchasing vaccines and reagents continues to rise, leaving us no choice but to increase the prices accordingly.

YELLOW FEVER Single vialOnefor life> 9 months6200.00
YELLOW FEVER Multiple vial (* see note below)Onefor life> 9 months4100.00
TYPHOID (Typhim VI) Single vialOne3 years> 2 years3800.00
TYPHOID (Typhim VI) Multiple vialOne3 years> 2 years2000.00
HEPATITIS B EUVAX PaediatricThree10 years< 15 Years1400.00 per dose
HEPATITIS B EUVAX AdultThree10 years> 15 years2200.00 per dose
HEPATITIS A. (HAVRIX) PaediatricTwo10 years> 1 year4000.00 per dose
HEPATITIS A. (HAVRIX) AdultTwo10 years> 19 years 6200.00 per dose
MEASLES, MUMPS & RUBELLA (MMR)TwoFor life> 9 months2800.00 per dose
ADACEL POLIO (DIPTHERIA, TETANUS, Pertusis & Inj. Polio)One10 years> 4 Years8200.00
VAXIGRIP TETRA (FLU)One1 year> 6 months2900.00
MENINGOCOCCAL ACWY135 (MENACTRA) Two5 years9 months - 2 years11500.00
MENINGOCOCCAL ACWY135 (MENACTRA) One5 years> 2 years up to 55 years11500.00
MENINGOCOCCAL ACWY135 (NIMENRIX)One5 years> 2 years7000.00
PREVENAR 13OneFor life> 6 weeks6000.00
TETANUSOne for Booster; Three for primary5 YearsAll ages500.00 per dose
TWINRIX (Hepatitis A+ Hepatitis B) PaediatricThree10 years> 2 to 15 Years4500.00 per dose
TWINRIX (Hepatitis A+ Hepatitis B) AdultThree10 Years> 15 years7000.00 per dose
ANTI-RABIES VERORABThree for Pre-exposure. Five for Post-exposure5 YearsAll ages3800.00 per dose
ROTARIXTwoFor life< 6 Months4400.00 per dose
CERVARIX (Paediatric)TwoFor life9 - 14 Years7700.00 per dose
CERVARIX (Adult)ThreeFor life> 15 Years7700.00 per dose
VARILRIX (CHICKEN POX)TwoFor life> 1 Year9000.00 per dose
CHOLERA (Oral Vaccine) SHANCHOLTwo5 years> 1 year3300.00 per dose

* The price for the multiple vial Yellow Fever vaccine applies if advance bookings are made for vaccination on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, provided that at least 8 persons have been booked on a single day.

Check to see if your travel vaccinations are up to date. Vaccinations are available on request.

Antirabies (verorab)
  • Pre-exposure: days 0,7,21, or 28;
  • booster after 1 year and every 5 years.
N.B. If bitten get 2 doses on day 0 and 3 if you had received vaccination before. If you never received the pre-exposure vaccination then get on days 0, 3,7, 14 & 28.